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You are undoubtedly reading this because you have a door ding that constantly catches your eye or hail damage on your vehicle as a result of driving through a storm or being caught in one here in Southern Arizona.

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Hello and thank you for taking a moment to learn about paintless hail repair and our company HailRepairAZ.com

Until the storms in 2015, many Tucsonans couldn’t remember our last hailstorm in 2001. When hail strikes Arizona, folks here don’t really know what to do other than to call their insurance company and take their vehicle where they are told, which is usually a traditional body shop. Unless there is a good hail Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) tech at that shop, often the dents are filled with bondo and panels are repaired and replaced painting much of the vehicle. This will always diminish the value of the vehicle and in the case of filling dents on the horizontal surfaces (like your hood, roof and trunk lid), is an unethical repair. The sun will heat up and expand the filled dents which will eventually crack. If that panel is hit again with an impact or hail, it will literally crumble. When we are working in a severe storm where parts are unavailable because of national back orders, we have ways of “pushing a panel for paint” so no filler is needed. Body shops love working with an experienced hail tech because we are used to working on “hammered” panels, we can quickly push them to avoid repaint which helps ease their backlog.

My technicians and I have vast experience and recommendations from shops across the country for all types of door dings and hail repair. Hail repair technicians have a distinct advantage over a door ding tech. A good hail tech will have invested in advanced dent LED lights and large selection of tools to access dents everywhere on the vehicle without drilling holes or damaging paint and panels. We are used to proficiently removing hundreds of dents of all sizes from each panel as opposed to working a few dents on a panel and making it look better. We promise that you will not see where we worked. Each panel will be better than pre-storm condition, including minor door dings, which we clean up as part of a complete hail repair with no cost to our clients and customers.

So, if you discover a ding, or your unfortunate enough to be caught in a hailstorm, just notify your insurance carrier, then just give me a call and we can take it from there. If your insurance adjuster underwrites the estimate, don’t worry, we supplement 90% of the vehicles we fix. Also, it’s good to note that comprehensive insurance claims do NOT raise your rates. Rates are raised by zip code after hail, flood, tornado or any act of God.

Who am I?

My name is Brendan, owner of HailRepairAZ.com LLC. We are licensed, bonded and insured. I work at the nation’s leading certified Toyota body shop – Precision Toyota Certified Collision Center, 871 W Roger Rd, Tucson AZ 85705.

I’m here to help.

My cell number is (520) 977-3858 and my email address is bren@hailrepairaz.com. I look forward to helping you with all your dent repair needs.

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Bruce McClean

This week I backed my new car into my trash cans and dented my back tailgate. I went to Precision Toyota and met Brendon. He took extraordinary care to explain how my car could be repaired and the possible pitfalls. When I picked up my car I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t find where it had been repaired. It looked brand new again ! I would definitely recommend his company for being timely, honest and fairly priced. Great Job !

Julio Lopez

Awesome work!! I had a dent on my truck that I got at work and Brendon came to the rescue!! He even took a step further and took care of some scratches.. Like it was never damaged.. highly recommend him!! Thanks Brendon!!

Mark Fuller

Like it never happened! Brendan’s Hail Repair Arizona came to the rescue after our spanking new car was dented! I don’t know how he is able to do it, but the amazing results speak for themselves…there is no way to tell there was ever any dent there! Thanks Brendan!!!

Charles Weisel

After a violent hailstorm in Bisbee my Tesla Model X looked like it would never be the same. There were dozens of pock marks all over the car’s aluminum body as well as the chrome trim. Brendan at Hail Repair Arizona to the rescue. He works out of the Precision Toyota Body Shop. He and Precision worked with my insurance company to arrange to repair all of the damage. No paint, no bondo, no stress. The work was flawless and Brendan went the extra mile to buff out the flaws in the factory paint job too. When I picked up the car it actually looked better than when I took delivery from Tesla. Great Job!!

Renee Mezzone

I was hoping the reviews on Brendan were accurate, and I couldn’t be more pleased with him. He fit me in WAY before I thought he’d be able to, and did a damn fine job on my Subaru Outback. He is professional, highly competent and in integrity. I would definitely recommend him!

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